Toys that aid development

The earlier ages are the best time for kids to pick up new skills and knowledge. From around two years of age children have brains like sponges, able to take in and retain new knowledge and ideas. This is the period where they easily pick up new languages and skills that would take an adult twice as long to master. Of course their attention span is not so great. So basically they are able to absorb new ideas and skills but during a short time period, before they move onto something else.


That is why it is so important that we help nurture this in our children, while their little minds are fresh and able to grasp new skills. Yet, we do not want to make this a chore for us or especially for them.  If we run behind them with educational books and activities they are bound to get fed up and not be receptive. Besides, this is the time for them to enjoy life before responsibilities hit. A time for them to be interested in things simply because they are and not because they have to be.


As parents we can ensure that we provide them with children’s toys that do develop their minds without being boring. We all know children are brilliant at using their imagination and creating whole new worlds centred round a particular toy of interest. Luckily we now have limitless options of quality toys that are fun to play with while targeting specific skills for development in our children. Children are receptive to new ideas as long as they are interesting and not tedious. Kids love repetitive actions which help them master a skill. Finding toys for children that home in on these needs is not difficult and we can find ones that satisfy both us and our kids!


Be it play dough, building sets, lego, painting chemistry sets all these while coming under the category of toys help nurture a child’s developing brain. In fact most toys are so interesting we find ourselves playing right alongside our kids, which is perfect for some quality bonding. It’s amazing to watch as children pick up a new skill and learn to do something on their own. The growth from a child happens at an amazing rate, from the helpless baby to the quite independent toddler to the know-it-all preschooler. Toys are a must for children and they should not be denied as long as they add value and quality to our kids’ lives.

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