What You Need To Become A Live Tutor

A live tutor provides professional educational services to learners over the Internet. Online educational services include live assistance, instructions, study materials, online group classes, text chatting, video recorded lessons and verbal exchanges. The role of a live online tutor is to help online learner gains proficiency in a specific subject.

Few Essential Pre-requisites of a Live Tutor

Online teaching jobs are especially suitable for qualified individuals who are interested in working from home. A live tutor should enjoy teaching and possess in-depth knowledge of their subject. If you want to pursue a career as a live online tutor, you must fulfill the following criteria:

Educational Requirements

Different tutoring companies have different hiring criteria. It mainly depends on the grade level and subject that you intend to teach. Many companies require their teachers to hold a Master’s Degree. However, some companies also hire teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree and diploma in teaching. Usually, tutoring companies expect their prospective teachers to have relevant experience in their particular subject matter. Further, an applicant has to submit relevant proof of his qualifications to the online tutoring company.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills play an important role in online tutoring, where lessons are imparted through verbal exchanges and the whiteboard. A live tutor needs to be able to guide, interact and explain concepts to students on the web. S/he should be open to creative suggestions and ideas. Further, s/he must have a good command over English or the language that is the medium of instruction, to interact with international students. The tutor also needs to understand the online behavior of learners. In addition, s/he should be aware of the stages involved in online learning, including access, motivation, online socialization, exchange of information, knowledge construction and development.

Some companies even run mock online tutoring sessions, to test the communication skills of their prospective tutors.

Access to Technological Tools

A live tutor must possess basic computer skills at the very least. Online tutors also need to have access to several pieces of technological equipment. A computer with high-speed internet connection is mandatory, since all the lessons are imparted via the Internet. Also, a microphone and headset are essential technology gear, since online tutoring programs utilize voice technology. In addition, using a pen-tablet allows an online tutor to write on a whiteboard, while dealing with complex problems. Skype technology can be used to improve the live interaction potential.

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