Summer Camp 2011,Chennai@Kodambakkkam,LIVE THE ART

Live The Art

(The School of Performing Arts)

Live the art is the place where peoples can learn, create and enjoy the art. We offer classes for all ages from 3 years to adult.Classes are facilitated by an experienced artist. We gives your children the opportunity to experiment with art and learn new ways of making things with their hands. It is a fun activity and also a way to meet new friends.

We all have a budding artist within us waiting to surface and explore, if one has the time and ability to nurture it. Art is so simple that it does not require any mandatory age, qualification or perquisite skill to begin with.

One can start learning art at any time. It is beautiful to know this fact itself. Children who are above 3 (and grown ups) and who have talents for fine arts will be admitted for training.

Recognizing to the Importance of Arts and Education, We Offer Foundation Courses in Arts such as Music, Dance, Drawing, Painting, ArtCraft etc…to the aspirants of all age groups who have the passion for Art.

Foundation Course:


*Vocal Carnatic(From 3yrs Above)

*Instrumental(From 5yrs Above)


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