Succeeding in College

College success requires commitment and a lot of hard work. You must be very certain about the importance of a college education.

College Success, Building

  • Be clear about why you are going to college.
  • Establish specific goals you wish to accomplish.
  • Know what it will take to reach these goals.
  • Be certain your goals are consistent with your interests and abilities.
  • Be flexible – change your goals if needed based on your experience as you progress through college.

Manage Your Money

College Success, Money

  • There are many ways to spend money in the college setting for other than education purposes. Take steps to ensure that you do not waste the money set aside for your college education.
  • Set a budget and keep to it.
  • Be careful about your use of credit cards. Don’t overspend. Pay balances promptly to avoid high interest costs.
  • Open a checking account and carefully monitor your balance.
  • Keep your cell phone under control. Those minutes and fees can really add up.

Stay Physically and Emotionally Healthy

You will need to be at your best to succeed in college. This means taking care of your body and maintaining a good frame of education

College Success, Blackboard

  • Maintains adequate office hours.
  • Provides constructive feedback.
  • Adapts to different styles of learning.
  • Grades fairly.
  • Is highly competent in the subject being taught.
  • Establishes clear and reasonable requirements.
  • Provides a positive learning environment.

Work With Your Advisor

  • Join a student organization that is consistent with your interests. You will find many organizations from which to choose.
  • Join a club in your major. This can not only help you in your studies but can provide contacts that may be very useful in your future career.
  • Join an intramural team. This is a great way to keep yourself in good physical shape and make new friends.
  • Attend social events. Your college experience should not be all work and no play.

Yes - success in college takes effort. But this effort will provide benefits to you throughout your life. The ideas presented above can help you to make your college experience a successful one.

  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor at any time you have problems that affect your academic performance.
  • Consider your advisor’s ideas when selecting your major or at any time you are considering changing your major or career goals.
  • Have specific questions in mind whenever meeting with your advisor.

Make Good Use of the Library

You are going to spend a lot of your time in college at the library. Take full advantage of this major resource.

  • Get to know the resources of the library as soon as you get to college.
  • Learn to use its computer resources and card catalogs.
  • Make good use of its equipment such as copy machines, microfiche readers, production facilities, etc.
  • Check out its quiet study areas. Sign up for their use if required.


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