Middle School

     Middle School is one of the things when children can go and they are never at home but when you go and think that they are doing stuff they are realy not. they may go to the library and “say” that they will play games but they just kiss and talk they never realy paly games. Then if they say they “love” each other they really are just saying that to say it. you should never get all worked up about that and if you have any ? please send me a mesage. always let your kids just have fun they will not do anything bad except for kissing but that is all they will do.

     kids are like a flower they grow and when you think they will never leave they fall. but as they get older they have more freedom to do what they want and they start talking again. they are allways wanting to get out of the house and trying to be with there (Girlfriend, boyfriend) just let them because they can have there little relationships while you can have some me time. when was the last time you could do that. all they need is a little money here and there but just let them do what they want and they might just listen to you. they may seem to be crazy but just let them do what they need to do because they will always love you no matter what they say or do they will love you.

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