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Need Fundraising ideas? Recycle Phones for cash and help the environment!

At Cash A Phone -we are committed to keeping our planet safe and green, by helping to keep mobile phones out of landfills. Are you looking for school or charity fundraising ideas? The mobile phones you collect during your fundraising drive will be refurbished and distributed to developing counties.

Fundraising ideas for kids, clubs or non-profit organizations don’t come any better than Cash A Phone. Additionally, if you’re looking for fundraising ideas for sporting clubs, a Cash A Phone recycling drive will work a treat.

A Cash A Phone fundraiser benefits so many people.
Old mobile phones donated to your school, or community will be refurbished and resold and end up in developing countries where there are few landline telephones.
Any phones that are beyond economic repair are broken down and the parts will be recycled.

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Cash A Phone strives to reduce the amount of phones that are going to our landfills and ruining our environment. When you fundraise old mobile phones for with Cash A Phone – FoneRaiser your doing your bit for the environment, and helping raise funds for your school and community, so start today and raise funds with  old mobile phones!

So if you are thinking of fundraising in Adelaide, fundraising in Brisbane, fundraising in Melbourne, fundraising in Sydney, ,  or in Perth, check out



Today we are very aware of our actions and the affect that, the things we do will have an impact on the environment. It is hard to go a week without some kind of warning regarding climate change or global warming which is why most of us are far more pro-active when it comes to things such as recycling than we ever were.

When it comes to recycling most of us assume that only food waste packaging is recycled, for example plastic or glass bottles, and cardboard. It is quite standard now for households to have recycling bins, which are collected separately.

However there is not much that you cannot recycle, and in fact there are many more items in our lives that can be recycled, and we can help keep out of landfills

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