Fun Games for Electronic Teenagers

We were trying to think of a new name for what we call the modern teens.   Some of them seem so attached to electronics.  They may sit on a couch for hours and take the challenges of winning games very seriously and they do not want to do anything else in life.  Do any of you recall the constant tones that come from the games, just enough to drive you up a wall.  Well, in the defense of teens, we have actually seen older ones do this also.

Teenagers now have really great educational tools right at their finger tips.  The internet provides so many avenues to check out on every school subject.   A term paper can be accomplished by using a computer.  They can look up articles from all over the world.  Literally the world is at their fingertips.   Perhaps some of them will not appreciate all of this, since these modern tools have always been available to them.   A library is still a great place to visit and to accomplish a school project.

Originally it was nice to know we have a computer at home and  keep the teenagers around the house more.  Today, the computers are portable as in laptops, and the cellphone is now a computer in itself having applications for the internet and so on.  We have paper tablets but today’s new electronics have developed a different type of tablet.   We like to shake our heads back and forth, thinking of what will be in the stores next week or next month.

There seems to be a wide range of growth development when comparing the youngest teenager  to the oldest teenager.  Have you ever watched kids arrive at a high school in the morning and tried to pick out which ones are in the 9th grade and which ones are in 12th grade.    Some grow up faster than others.  Some can be loud or quiet, reserved or outgoing.  They are all so different and that is the way it should be.  Can you imagine if they were all the same.  However, you would think that most of them are quite informed about the new development of electronics.

Some parents may be quite informed about the electronic industry.  They may be working in this industry, or their employment includes the operation of various electronic equipment.   Others may not have the opportunity or time to keep up with the industry changes.  This may seem so intimidating.  It would be really nice for parents and teenagers to have discussions about today’s technology advancements.  This may help in understanding teenagers needs for  schooling programs.  On the other hand, the teenager can be exposed in a good way to the importance of family finances and family goals.

Electronic developments of today will help our young ones for their future.   With that in mind, do try to take the opportunity to travel with those teenagers, or better yet, to travel ahead of them.  The selection of teenager games is numerous.  When the opportunity comes to make a choice for special gifts for kids keep in mind that educational games are fun games.  Interactive games can have family and friends play and learn together.  They can tease and laugh at each other in a nice way.  Tomorrow is our future and your teenager is a big part of that future.

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