Finding a Full Time Preschool in San Jose

If your busy schedule forces you to be away from your toddler all day, why not send your little one to preschool? San Jose parents discovered that a full-time preschool program is a godsend for busy moms and dads. It’s like entrusting your child to a day care center, except he or she will be spending the whole day learning new things, discovering the world, and making new friends.  By the time your child is old enough to enter kindergarten, he or she will start school feeling confident and prepared.  Consider these three preschools when you look for full-time care for your child.

Teacher’s Heart

Many parents prefer sending toddlers to intimate home-based preschools, especially if they have never been to school before. The cozy, home-like environment makes them feel safe and secure, and these preschools are often run by patient teachers with a genuine love for children. Consider Teacher’s Heart, a lovely little preschool with a stimulating program for kids 3 months to five years old. Their curriculum is carefully designed to meet the developmental needs of each age group, and the program is further individualized to meet the unique needs of every child. Teacher’s Heart offers a 2-, 3-, and 5-full day sessions, as well as after-school care and summer camps for school-age kids.

Owl Preschool

Your child’s preschool should be a safe place where kids feel comfortable and welcome – a home away from home, so to speak.  If this is the kind of environment you had in mind, consider Owl Preschool, a home-based preschool nestled in a quiet neighborhood. Owl Preschool takes in two year-olds through kindergarten and provides them with a structured, play-based program in order to make learning fun.  After all, the first few years of childhood is a time where the brain grows rapidly, and the best way to take advantage of this is to provide kids with lots of hands-on activities and stimulation.  A typical day at Owl Preschool begins at 8 am where a healthy breakfast is served. In the morning, kids tackle academic subjects like spelling, reading, and math, but in a fun and engaging manner. Just before lunch, kids do dance and outdoor play, then settle in for a nap when their meal is done. Nutritious snacks are served before story time, and kids are free to play until mom and dad comes pick them up.

Beyond Learning Center

In 2003, Miss Karen and her two daughters founded the Beyond Learning Center out of their love for teaching young children. This quaint preschool has spacious classrooms and a big yard – a perfect place for kids to learn and play. Their play-based program allows children to expand their knowledge, express themselves creatively, and discover their skills and strengths, all while having fun.  They offer two preschool programs – one for toddlers not potty trained, and another for toddlers 30 months and older. Beyond Learning Center also provides infant care and after-school care for elementary-school kids.

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