Early Learning Choices: Home or Nursery (Kindergarten)

Should parents start their children early learning education experience at home or nursery (kindergaten)? Parents must do a lot of research before making a decision. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of home schooling and nursery when it comes to early learning.

Home Schooling

There are several benefits when it comes to home schooling. This is why more and more parents are actually turning this route. Home schooling can only be done if one of the parents (or a family member) stays at home and helps educating the child.

  • No school fees: Public and private institutions cost money. You will be able to save a generous amount of money if you do not send your child to kindergarten.
  • No travel situations: Parents are always worried that they will bring their children late or not pick them up on time. This won’t be an issue as your child will always be at home. You won’t have to wake up early or rush to get to them on time.
  • You are responsible for their learning: A lot of parents are starting to distrust the experience of teachers at kindergartens. If you decide to do the kindergarten experience at home then you have full control over what your child will be learning.



Public/Private Kindergartens

  • Socialising: One of the biggest reasons that parents send their children to public or private kindergartens is because they learn how to socialize with other children. This is extremely important for them to grow up. Your child can also get very bored and feel lonely if they don’t have the company of other children.
  • Prepares them for school: Kindergarten helps them get used to other children, classes and teachers. If a child doesn’t have this experience he can feel overwhelmed in first grade. Having them a year or two in kindergarten will actually help them develop at a quicker pace.
  • Education: Due to the fact that your child will be learning with other children, it will motivate them to learn more. Children always want to follow the path of other children. If your child doesn’t want to learn at home, it might motivate them when they see other children learning.



Public and Private Kindergartens are the best choice for parents who want to focus on early learning education for their children.


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