Casual Teaching Jobs: Dressing for the Job

Engaging in casual teaching jobs when you are given the best assistance by a teaching agency like ANZUK is as easy as pie. Teaching jobs like being a casual relief teacher with ANZUK mean being legally constrained by the terms and conditions of the agency. It is expected that all hired under the ANZUK domain should be capable of observing the rules and being at par with the agency’s qualification benchmark. In addition, once employed with ANZUK, you are expected to carry on a befitting conduct and follow the company dress code. Even if contract stipulations don’t discourage, you must furnish the management of ANZUK Education Services agency if you plan on taking casual teaching jobs as added load or extra teaching jobs solicited from colleges or universities that the outfit has presented to you ahead of time.

What Is Needed?

After getting an accreditation for the Victorian Institute of Teaching and securing an evidence of your latest criminal background check, you are now inching towards having a profession in the casual teaching jobs industry. There are just a few more details you must do to if you wish to pursue teaching in the southern hemisphere particularly, Australia.

Like any outsourcing business, the agency adheres to strict company rules on proper work clothes for male and female with casual teaching jobs. Here are some tips in dressing up for success:

  • If you are male, having a wardrobe consisting of collared shirts, polo shirts, and fresh casual khakis will get you ahead in the academic setting. If you are fond of wearing bonnets or caps, you might have to say goodbye to them temporarily because you can’t wear them inside the classroom. No sweat pants and or basketball jerseys unless you are teaching PE classes, no torn denims, and most definitely, no g-strings even under extremely hot weather condition.

  • If you are females, having blouses or polo shirts with skirts or plain clothes will also be helpful. You should not be seen wearing any bonnets or caps inside the classroom as well, that is, if you follow teaching jobs rules. Ripped jeans and sporty attires like jerseys should be limited only to those holding PE classes.

These are just very basic dress code ethics you need to observe while still under your casual teaching jobs contract. But a test of being a good follower might also be taken into consideration in assessing your performance so take note of them and don’t take them for granted.

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