Abacus coaching for your children

UCMAS (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
was established in the year 1999 in the month of September.   With  its   National corporate   office  located   at   Anna  Nagar, Chennai-600 040, UCMAS started its Indian operations.  Bringing the Concept to India as a National Franchiser, UCMAS-INDIA took the responsibility of spreading the concept in the entire country to benefit the children across all parts.  Ever since inception, the company grew steadily appointing franchises not only in Chennai but also outside the city – in various district locations. Today, UCMAS has centers in all the states of
India.  Apart from the Metro and other cities, UCMAS has presence in all the towns, big and small and even in developed villages across the country.  With the appointment of Master Franchises for all the states, UCMAS-INDIA has decentralized its operations with the sole idea of reaching out to more and more children and thus benefiting them. UCMAS Network today comprises of 2400 centres all over the country with more than 6000 Course Instructors and 6 lac and above student enrolments.  The large network built has been the result
of collective efforts of all the members of UCMAS family over the last 11 years.

UCMAS – India always had a special focus to offer Abacus Education to children from economically backward families, orphans and the have-nots and hence initiated action towards this objective to start training centres tying up with NGOs.  World Vision, India was
the first to come forward and through their program they had initiated Abacus Education to the children of Tsunami affected families in the Tamil Nadu Coastal towns post year-2004.  UCMAS India understanding the role they needed to play in the yeomen service to benefit these children provided Licensed centres, training to Course Instructors, material
such as Abacus, books, etc., all at concessional prices  Children in these centres do not pay fees, World Vision and UCMAS – India support each other in this project. More such plans are in the offing.

Before India became the hub for Abacus and Mental Arithmetic education, with Chennai as the happening place, there were only a few countries who were engaged in this field and all of them were in the far-eastern belt.  With India becoming the fort for UCMAS Abacus Mental Arithmetic program, now calling India a Gateway for the program is no exaggeration.

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